Konstruktivist album review.
From: Yeahiknowitsucks

"Konstruktivist drops the facade of the smoke screen by going straight for the sound of lasers & an electric shaver before blowing our genitalia with electronic techno acid material on a massaging bed of an swiping all-observing rhythm. Pubic hairs aren’t safe from the electric shaver as it flows around the intoxicating sound show like a ghostly barber who just doesn’t want to accept that he or she is dead. The track builds, constructs and demolish every aching stiffness in a listener’s body, resulting in snake like belly dance moves and eyes that are looking far out. Crever for sure knows how to cater a drugged up audience, even so much so that even a sober person might feel like someone spiked their glass of tap water with LSD." Read more